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    My memorial day..

    I had a nice 4 day weekend... (took yesterday off too!!! Went to disneyland)

    Anyway we all went up into the mountains for our memorial day, drove around and had some fun. We stopped at lake arrowhead to take some pictures of the kids by the water. Well, the best (scenic) place we could find was fenced off, but we were determined to get some pictures so all four of us climbed over (the little ones went under, just a gaurdrail type of deal) and went down to the shoreline. We took a bunch of cute shots, had some fun, but me, being myself, saw this piece of rusting metal by the water and felt that I had to take some pics... We don't have a lot of memory for our camera so the wife tell me to take just one shot, in the end I took five, but in my defence 3 of them had the kids in the backround! Shorty after a security gaurd shoo'd us off. All in all it was fun..

    Here's a pic of the rusting piece of metal. I thought it looked neat next to the water and all.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My memorial day..-steel-water2.jpg  

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    Cool Fun vacation times!

    It's always good to get away........have fun.......take some snapshots.....and then post them here!

    About your photo. Is the original in color? I was thinking that the rust might work better with color. I think the image needs a little perking up. I suggest posting it in Critique forum to get some suggestions. If it's b&w film, you might want to give it more contrast. I'm not sure you're looking for a critique, so this is just a suggestion. It's a nice snap, but there's always room for a bit of improvement.


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    Yup, the original is in color. I've been a little bit partial to B&W lately.. I did turn up the contrast a lot when I made it B&W.. I think I need to calibrate my monitor!!!! anyway, thanks..

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    so where's the pics of the kids????

    nothing like playing hookie, doing something mildly illegal and spending time with the family...sounds like fun.

    Did you ask to take a shot of the security guard for scrapbook purposes?
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    Ya know, I wish I would've thought of that ....... He was very polite and just reminded us that we weren't supposed to be down there, and went on his way..

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