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    Current Photogatherings: London, & National

    One of the most remarkable aspects of is the community. One of the most remarkable aspects of our community is our desire to meet and practice photography with one another.

    In the past 5 years, we have seen these meetings, called "Photo-Gatherings," occur on 3 coasts, in at least 6 major US cities, and at least 2 National Parks. The trend continues forward with plans for a "National Gathering" as well as continued regional ones and international gatherings as well.

    In this thread we'll track the Photo-Gathering plans we have, plus include links to recent gatherings with pictures taken by everyone there. Make sure to place yourself on the Map so we can track the whereabouts of all our members!

    Current plans:

    National Gathering

    National Gathering activity poll


    And our most recent gathering, Los Angeles (complete with pictures)

    Here's a map on which you can add your location to assist with future gathering plans: members map.

    If you'd like to initiate a gathering in your own area, please feel free to start your own thread in the Viewfinder, and I (or another mod) will place it in this thread for reference.

    I hope to see you at a future Gathering!
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    Re: Current Photogatherings: London, & National

    This a great idea. Do you have similar gatherings in the West Coast of Canada?

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    Re: Current Photogatherings: London, & National

    Quote Originally Posted by MihaiG View Post
    This a great idea. Do you have similar gatherings in the West Coast of Canada?
    All it takes is a motivated member to rally the troops and make it happen!

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    Re: Current Photogatherings: London, & National

    Thank you very much for sharing =)

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    Re: Current Photogatherings: London, & National


    Thanks for the link to the map, I hope to find a few folks in the Orlando Florida area for some meet-ups soon.

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