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    Ahhh Please Help!!

    ( i didnt know where to post this.. so you may notice i double posted, sorry )
    Hey guys ive got some questiosn thats would be nice if you could help me answer, I just bought a cheap Concord 3040 AF digital Camera. it is a 3.1 MP camera. I just find it wierd that sometimes my photos come out nice and crisp.. and of a quality that I like, while other times it seems quit blurry.. all on the same settings. I notice that shots in the dark arent very crisp.. even when flash is on. And here is where i am most confused, the camera has an option to change from V Resolution ( 512 x 384 ) 1mb (1024x768) 2mb (1600x1200) and 3mb (2048x1538). It is wierd because i notice that my pictures seem to be the crispest in V Resolution, it would be my unerstanding that 3mb with the most resolution, and space being taken up, should be the clearest nicest photo? but it doesnt seem to be, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone!

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    Have you also posted this on the Digital forums? You might get quicker, more detailed responses there. It sounds like there could be a number of variables that are producing mixed results for you. The night shots...keep in mind that with consumer digicams, night shooting will produce quite a bit of noise, which will make your images appear murky and out of focus. When you are getting blurry images... it could simply be camera shake(shutter speeds that are too slow) or getting closer than the minimum focusing distance of your lens. How about posting some samples, maybe some of the digital experts here can point out what could be happening.

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