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Thread: Studio Lighting

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    Lightbulb Studio Lighting

    I am not in the same boat as many of your here. I have been shooting a bit with some Nova trons on a 600 Power pack with some Photoflex softboxes. I am not all the impressed. So I decided to get some cash together and I have been looking at the higher strobes.

    My current leaning is toward Profoto's D4 with a 4 pack of Acute 2 strobes. My problems is two fold. I am afraid I am throwing away the money for just the "ego" of saying I have a profoto setup and I am not sure that I am buying the right "higher" end group.

    I think it might be the right choice but I would like the opinion of those who have had a chance to use the better stuff and to tell me if it is worth the extra cash. I plan on using them mostly in studio if that helps in the decision making process.


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    Profoto isn't the least expensive investment for sure... Although, they're one of the best outhere... but for me virtually anything made in Sweden is the best at least in the photography field But if I can suggest you to look around before you make a purchase. You know keep in mind for what application do you need it for.... am I going to travel or just a table top photography going to do... you need to know this before the purchase... and of course how is the service capability of that strobe or strobes in case things are going sour.
    Here is a couple site to help you make a decision:

    Just a few option, I myself a Hensel strobe user, since I travel quiet often. Good luck for purchase...
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    Re: Studio Lighting

    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to post in response to my question. It helps when someone who has been there comes up with some fresh insight. I eventually decided, because of my limited out of studio projects on the Acute2R 2400 packs.. two of them do what I need to do and they do not cost 8K but only about 7K. So it did work out.. thank you.

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