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    improve studio lighting

    My original question was posted to the digital slr board, but I'm responding down here. Thanks Peter, for your help on settings and for directing me to the right place for my lighting concerns. I'm new to the site, new to photography, and brand new to studio lighting. My new baby has motivated me to pursue my interest in photography. All this to say, I know the quality of the pictures below is poor...just not sure what I can do to improve it. I've tried the lights in various places; I've flipped the silver umbrella around and used it as a reflector, etc. If there is a good starting place for these lights, I'd love to know it. These photos have not been edited at all. The last photo is my "studio" with the lights exactly how I had them when I took the photos. I'm shooting with a d70. Let me know if you need any other information, and thanks for all the information!
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    Turn the umbrellas around so the light reflects back from them towards the subject, not reflect away from the subject like you have in the bottom picture.

    Have one (the main light) at 45 degrees to subject and about 1-2 feet above pointing down.

    Have the fill light directly beside the camera and make it 2 stops less powerful than the main light.

    The try taking the photos again.

    Remember this is a starting point.

    One of the reasons people buy stobes with modelling lights is to be able to see the shadowing using the modelling lights, which should basically be what the stobes will end up like, although with a much more intense light.

    Also change your husbands (I think your husband) shirt from something other than black to seperate him from the dark background, not something too light, just not black.

    They are also underexposed.

    Take a look.
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