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Thread: forrest flowers

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    Oct 2003

    forrest flowers

    a little explanation needed here. this is my second attempt at shooting slides. it was fuji provia 100. the scan is terrible, because all i have is a cheap little scanner and scanning slides on it is a joke. so thats why the image quality looks so bad. im looking for critique on the style of the picture in general, though.

    i was walking through a forrest trail and they have benches with plaques dedicated to people who have passed away. family members had laid flowers on one bench. there was a ray of sunlight passing through the trees and falling directly on the flowers, which looked really nice. i thought it would be a good opportunity to practice a technique i had read about where you expose for the lit up object and make everything else fade to black. you can see a little bit of the bench on the left and right sides but the rest of the trees/foilage, etc. that surrounded this scene is pretty much blacked out.

    im very much a beginner so any advice would be greatly appreciated

    this was shot with a nikon n80, with a 50mm f/1.8D mounted on a tripod.
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    Great shot, I like the lighting very much, it gives it kind of a surreal feeling.
    Dive naked things look bigger underwater!!!!!

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    thanks for the comment. anyone have suggestions to made this shot better?

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    I like what you've done here but it lacks something "special" In what you have described, I think if you included a bigger piece of the bench, it would provide some context for the flowers.

    Nice work,


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    I think the whole image is too overwhelming, too much going on without a real focus point, it's not a strong composition. It's bit of struggle between black and one mostly yellow, with no clear winner.
    The fact that we're looking underneath the leaves can be interesting, but in this image it has the opposite effect.The image lack sharpness too.

    Only now I've read your comments and do I read that some rays of sunlight passed through the tree, falling on the flowers.
    That's interesting, but that's not something people think of when they see the image, without knowing this background information. For you the photograph probably has more impact than others, since you've seen the "whole" picture, but in the end it's only this image what the viewers look at.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Oct 2003
    yep, thanks for the comments. i can definitely see what you're saying.

    a lot of the purpose of this shot was to work on a new technique. test-driving a new car, sort of.

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