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    Beware: Mom With Camera
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    Jul 2004
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    Too much black and white?

    My husband hates the fact that I am so in love with black and white. I just love it. I love the look, I love the crisp lines - everything that comes along with a good photo in black and white. I don't know what it is about it! LOL.

    While even I can acknowledge that sometimes things look better in color.... I just prefer them in black and white.

    How about you? Color or non? ;)

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    Senior Member Charles Hess's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    I have to agree with you, and I think that nearly all of my favorite photos from my favorite photographers are b&w. I love choosing b&w films for different looks and occasions...Delta 100 & 3200, Tri-X, and Neopan 1600 are my favorites.

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    Princess of the OT adina's Avatar
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    Ack! No such thing!

    My husband also prefers color, but that's because that is what he was used to. I am slowly bring him around.

    Shooting digital, I can go either way, but I'd say I am probably 90% b&w for myself. About 70% if I am doing something for someone else. Except dance stuff, because I know that they want everything in color.

    I sleep, but I don't rest.

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