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    Lightbulb Reviews! Let's post them!

    Hi Everyone,

    I went to the Review section here to post a review for the 17-40 lens. First let me say that I personally am GUILTY of not posting reviews for my equipment. Reading the other reviews for this lens I was reminded that I have not posted any reviews since my digital "conversion." I made a decision to work on that over the next week.

    Since I've pleaded guilty, I thought I'd just put a reminder here to others of us who have some new equipment to remember to post a review. Actually, when I read a review, I always look for a familiar screen name as it makes me feel better when I know who the reviewer is. Again, this is the preacher preaching to herself.


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    You know, this is kind of interesting. I'd guess that less than 10% of the registered members here do at least 90% of the posting, but when I look at reviews I usually don't recognize any names. I've done a few but will try to do more myself.

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    Guilty too

    I try to post reviews on equipment I own, but I'm often loathe to post a review if I wasn't happy with a particular piece of equipment, partly because I don't want to post a bad review, and mosty because I don't want to admit I bought a piece of junk.
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    I'm going to do the same. As I said, I'm talking to myself first here. I rely on the reviews and feel much better when the reviewer is someone I "know" from here that is.


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    Post em!

    We need the negative ones as much as the positive ones - maybe more so. Just try to be fair and specific. The more details the better.

    Thanks for starting this thread, Liz. The review section is the foundation of this site.

    Your reviews are the foundation of this site - Write A Review!

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