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    In reference to Uwe's FAQ post...

    I've been going through all the old posts re digital v film SLRs as I didn't want to ask the age old question without research first!

    I found Uwe's post most helpful and seriously contemplated the questions. My problem is I can't find a concrete answer to the question of "how big can a digital image become before it starts to become noticably pixelated?"

    I take a lot of macro images of flora that I use in interior design work. I want to have the option of enlarging to poster size if I capture a great image.

    That said, it is not my only subject matter. I enjoy photodocumentary style work and would love the benefit of reviewing what has been 'caught' immediately. This will be especially important at a friends wedding. I am taking her photos as they cannot afford a professional wedding photographer. I really want to get it right and maybe have a thought of a 'safety net' in being able to view what has been caught immediately and retify it. I've taken a lot of photos at friends weddings (as an added extra to the professional) and have always been fairly happy with the result, but this time I am solely responsible. I also travel a lot and would take comfort in knowing that I leave a place with quality images rather than a roll of film in which anything can be possible...

    So having revealed my inner most fears... Will a DSLR meet my needs. I will hopefully be able to answer this question myself once I get some input re enlargement possibilities...

    I have been researching the Fuji S2 and Nikon D70 and Pentax Dist* (have read all the info on the current posts) versus Nikon N80 and N100 ( I am really attracted to the depth of field preview function which is also on the D70 - especially for my macro work).

    I really appreciate all the expertise that members here share and have learnt and enormous amount already. Thanks for your time.


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    >I can't find a concrete answer to the question of "how big can a digital image become before it starts to become noticably pixelated?"

    There is no serious answer to this question.

    1. People using 4x5 or even 8x10 will have a different opinion than users of 35mm cameras

    2. It depends on the subject matter and viewind distance

    But a 1Ds image holds more detail than 25mm film scanned with a drum scanner :


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