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    Alien Bees Question and studio lighting

    I have a Alien B400 and I am thinking of purchasing a B800. I would like to use the B400 as a fill and the B800 as my main light. The fill light I have was a crappy ebay scam and in order to get a half decent result it has to be a mile away. There is not a slider to lower the power. Does the B400 automatically get triggered as a slave?(I hope that's not a stupid question). Would this type of set up work for large groups of people, like families with people situated standing and sitting? Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Alien Bees Question and studio lighting

    I can't help you with your "Bee" questions, but I'm curious about your old fill flash. You said you had to move it far away from the subject to get a proper light ratio, but I don't quite get that.

    You know there are various ways to lower a flash's output when you can't change the power and don't want to move it a "mile away".

    Using a diffusion screen, light panel, shoot-through scrim, or bouncing against a white umbrella or wall or panel will all lower the illumination of a flash without having to move it much.

    Sure, a variable power flash is much more versatile, and if it's in your budget I say go for it, but it doesn't sound like you're making the most of what you already have...
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    Re: Alien Bees Question and studio lighting

    I agree with Steve, why spend the money if you don't have to. All of the Bee's have a slave trigger built in. I use a pair of the 1600's for lighting larger groups. Personally, if yo are intent on the new strobe, I'd try to match what you have, you can always turn it down.
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