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    New SLR Owner (my 1st). Canon XS

    Hey guys, im new here and wanted to introduce myself. Im 29 from PA and just got my 1st SLR camera on black friday. I got the canon XS bundle with bag and 2G card for $479. Also came with a DVD that helped me learn a little about white balance, ISO, and some of the options.

    I was using the camera on the automatic setting because of not knowing the different settings. I learned how to use most of the pre-set settings like close up, scenery, ect. I think I have a good understanding of how ISO works. Less light, higher ISO setting. Usually keep it around 200 when outdoors in sunlight.

    Im a little unsure how shutter speed, and appeture settings work. Im used to point and shoot cameras that have all that stuff pre-set. I have been keeping it in the 'P' setting now most of the time, so i can manually set the ISO, and some of the more basic things.

    I do alot of different types of shots. Anything from outdoors in the woods, to indoor christmas and birthday parties, to car shows. So I should probably learn all of the settings as I do it all!!

    Another thing when watching the DVD the guy said to set the camera to take 'RAW' photos. Saying they are better quality, but take up more space. I was taking JPEG pics untill watching this DVD and then set it to 'RAW'. Was that a good idea? I publish alot of my photos on facebook, and also do alot of printing... so i guess the higher quality the better? I have the 2G card that came with the camera, and also got a 4G card seperate. Said on the package that it was for SLR cameras and is a 15 mb per second card over the others which were around a 4.

    Sorry for all the questions...... Nice forum you guys have here, and I am sure i will learn alot from you guys!! Here are 2 of about 100 photos I have taken. Remember I am a noob to SLR cameras, so go easy on me. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My daughter

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    Re: New SLR Owner (my 1st). Canon XS


    Now go shoot anything and everything and experiment with as many functions on the camera as possible. You did the expensive part, now it's free (except for the larger hard drive, faster computer, more lenses, another camera which then requires a larger hard drive, faster computer, more lenses, ...)

    I suggest you frequent the help forum here (for technical questions) and the critique forum (for image-specific feedback).

    Welcome to the site.
    Please do not edit or repost my images.

    See my website HERE.

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