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Thread: Starting out

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    Question Starting out

    Hi, I'm just starting out really. I always like taking photos and I want to upgrade to a decent camera. I will shoot for pleasure, and for sentimental record, as opposed to for profession, or for college art or anything, and I will publish always to the net, mainly at my blog. I have about 200 quid (of your english pounds) as my DEFINITE upper ceiling, and as a 17 eyar old student, don't want to be faced with horrendous costs (or worry too much about loosing it)

    My first thought was a 35mm SLR, probably a minolta Dynax 5 (I think they are called maxxxums or something in the USA. They are falling in price because of the digital revolution.

    My main worries are though;
    1) Development costs, with a film costing about 3-4 from boxed film to prints (although I can get hold of cheap dated film for practicing wacky stuff)...and
    2) Publishing them electronically...

    Obviously a digiSLR is not in my price range by 300, and I want the features of an SLR..

    Anyone have any experience of minoltas / this particular model (dynax 5) and also, any recomendations on making them digitised - maybe its worth my getting a -ve scanner?

    Also, if anyone has 'premonitions' about crashing prices in any camera category (so i don't buy an expensive camera and find it reduced by half the day after) that would be cool.
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    although I can't give a whole lot of advice on this (but someone will soon enough) just wanted to say I REALLY enjoyed looking at your site and reading some of the bio odf your band. the forum link is a great resource as well.

    Look forward to seeing you post pics (even if it's just for fun) but be warned this is an addiction
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