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    Janie O'Canon Rebel Janie's Avatar
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    Jan 2004

    So, i'm doing Visual Tour shots now...

    The above is a link of the visual tour shots i'm taking now, they are separate photos that are laced together, this particular one is my second try. I'm thinking a monopod with a level attached would work out well, but can't seem to find any - anyone ever hear of them?

    "Art is part of a rebellion against the realities of unfulfilled desire." ~Emma Goldman

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    has-been... another view's Avatar
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    They look pretty good - alot better than most real estate shots! If your camera has a hot shoe for flash, there are bubble levels that slide in and are very handy:

    Not sure of a level on a monopod, but go to Home Depot - you can probably find something to rig together.

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