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    mooo...wooh hoooh! schrackman's Avatar
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    Passing thru Los Angeles

    and on our way down to Santa Fe Springs for dinner with my wife's family, I got to relax in the passenger seat and snap a few pics of a stunning sunset with clouds over L.A. Too bad we didn't have time to actually stop and take the pictures otherwise I could have got some better framing. These were all shot off Interstate 5 heading south.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Passing thru Los Angeles-losangeles1.jpg   Passing thru Los Angeles-losangeles2.jpg   Passing thru Los Angeles-losangeles3.jpg  

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    Re: Passing thru Los Angeles

    i hate you I hate you I hate you well la-di-daaaaa

    takes a real punk to say he just shot these as a "snap-by"...

    never the less it's you---so I'll cope...that first shot especially is BEAUTIFUL..... ;)
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