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    A night shot session

    I wanted to heavily use my D70 today but it rained pretty much all day long. As the sky cleared a little tonight I decided to go out for a first night shot session with my new toy.

    I was a tad lazy and didn't wanted to start playing with color rendering and white balance so I just set the camera on it's night mode and focused manually.

    Here are two shots. Nothing really special. The bridge shot was only downsized. The second picture was both cropped and downsized.

    The bridge:
    focal lenght: 40mm
    speed: 5 sec
    F/ 5.6
    ISO 200
    (no noise reduction, white balance and colors being set by the camera)

    The park bench:
    focal lenght: 42 mm
    speed: 1/30 sec
    ISO 200
    (then again, no noise reduction, auto white balance...)


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