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Thread: Old shot tower

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    Member Jezz's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Melbourne Australia

    Old shot tower

    This is a strange sight if you dont know what your looking at, Well its an old building, (tall shot tower) that has been "preserved" in a glass dome. Very interesting and i think this shot is good, just wanna know which is better, colour or B&W?
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    ...just believe natatbeach's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
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    woah ---cool BW

    what is a shot tower? and why is it so important that it would be encapsulated in glass?

    awesome shot the persepective and angle are really creative...

    very tiny nitpik is the bit of building on the bottom and adrk area to the left(line)(distracting) and I would "burn in" some of the structure on the lower right(loss of detail on the bar)...really striking shot Jezz...good eye...

    I rotated the picture a quarter of a degree CCW and darkened the image in bW and got the bar dark enough then converted to Bw and adjusted the curves. just an idea

    also can you post the original uncropped version...I wondered what we didn't get to see thanks
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    earthling bingo pajama's Avatar
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    while i am a big fan of B&W (hey, just read my signature!) i think in this photo the color version is better. too much info is lost converting to b&w- which is still a pretty cool shot. heck the color version is practically monochromatic anyway, why not keep the subtle browns and blues? whichever you decide, i like the shot. it's fun to look at!
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    Intermediate member bobbythebandit's Avatar
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    Colour works better for me in this shot but good idea to convert to B&W never any harm to experiment.Any help you need on these lines contact Natatbeach, shes the tops at this.

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    Member Jezz's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Melbourne Australia
    thanks for the response, A shot tower is the tall building that they drop lead the full lenght into water which creates round balls. These balls are used in shot guns.
    I too prefer the colour, also not much was cropped off, just a little off the side, bit boring, and lopsided.

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