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    Last Weekend Bride/Canon 10D

    Hey guys!

    Here is the bride. It was a fun cajun wedding - I LOVED listening to their conversations!

    I was kinda urked with my Canon 10D Battery again. It sure doesn't last long. I've heard that the generic brand does last this really true? Of course I have backups of everything...I just didn't want to loose a shot because I was looking at my camera changing the battery! UUUUGGHH!

    I still love my trusty EOS3 - its a workhorse, and doesn't eat the batteries that bad!

    Canon 10D
    Alien Bees B800
    17-40L or 28-135IS

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Last Weekend Bride/Canon 10D-anna01.jpg  

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    re: batteries

    yes, the off brand makes last longer-they have higher capacity. The standard canon batteries are 1100 milliamp/hrs, most of the off brand makes are between 1200 and 1400 ma/hrs. If you use the vertical battery grip, you can shoot longer (twin batteries in the grip), mind that you use identical batteries in the grip as a precaution. Also turn off the IS on your IS lenses until you need them. They drain more juice from the batteries when they're on. btw, nice pictues
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