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Thread: Kudos to Fuji!

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    Kudos to Fuji!

    A couple of months ago, I heard that some Fuji S2 DSLR's were having problems with sensors dying. Since mine was working fine but the serial number was right in the middle of the list I was a little worried... Then a couple of weeks ago I pulled it out of the bag and got the dreaded black frame - it wouldn't record an image.

    I remember hearing about a sensor replacement from someone shortly after I bought mine (2-1/2 years ago, so 1-1/2 years out of warranty) that the repair was several hundred dollars - this was from an overly aggressive sensor cleaning on the part of the owner...

    So I looked up the service advisory and called Fuji. They told me, just like the website said, that it would take 2-3 weeks. I figured I wouldn't see it until the end of the month, seeing as they only got it on 1/27. I also half-expected a note saying this or that should be done at my expense; the usual. Well - it came back today after only about half the time quoted in the shop. Sensor was replaced, works great, and they gave the whole thing a once-over. Total bill? Nada. Zip. I don't think I've ever had that good of an experience with someone really standing behind their product like that. Just had to share.

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    Re: Kudos to Fuji!

    Glad to hear it! My stomach sank when I read about you sending it in. Glad to see it came back ok and FREE.

    I felt the same way when my first D100 decided to crap out and it was fixed under warranty. No matter what the problem, you always wonder if they'll try to blame you...

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    Re: Kudos to Fuji!

    Sounds like Fuji was right on the ball and treated you right. I had a similar experience with Nikon last fall when the meter died in my D2H. I did pay for the shipping to Nikon but they picked up the tab on everything else. New meter, upgrade and a once over. They shipped it back next day service and it was only gone for a week and 2 days. It was not in Nikon warrenty at the time but since they recognized that a problem existed with the D2H meter no questions ask.
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