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    Image #2 Makes me think of this tape I watched once on photography, where a Wedding Photographer was sharing their "style" They would shoot all B&W of the bride getting dressed / at the salon, etc... And then when the wedding started they switched to color, quote " It gives it a 'Wizard of Oz' sort of feel in which everything is B&W until the bride and groom come together, looks very good in their " Wedding Storybooks" Also, that photographer thought that shooting b&w was more "unobtrusive" than using flash. Just a thought, it stuck with me, and I agree, but When I tried it at a wedding This past Friday, I couldn't shoot alot of B&W because the lights were so dim and my lens was not fast enough, so i too, had to shoot w/ flash

    Image #3 Good, Love the b&w ( for reasons already stated in #2

    Image #4 I like the angle you chose for this photo. I like seeing the guys in the background horsing around

    Images # 7 & 8- I would have asked the bride to bring her elbows a little farther away from her body. She need not know you are asking so as to get rid of that unsightly pocket of fat ( I'm female and we all pick ourselves apart) Also, a background in "glamour" photography creeping back

    I've seen some of your other posts, and I think you are a really good photographer! Look forward to seeing more from you, for now, i'm checking the archives...... Rachel
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