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    Re: How did you become interested in Photography?

    I've loved art for as long as I can remember and I'm trying to get all the art credits I possibly can before graduation.I took Drawing and Painting 1&2 so I was looking for somthing a little different,Photography seemed like the next best thing.Since the start of school I've come to like it more than "traditional" fine art.

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    Re: How did you become interested in Photography?

    I've walked around my schools asking myself what i wanted to do for a living because graduation is slowly creeping up on me and nudging me to get ready for college. I've taken the necessary steps to ready myself for that, but not ready myself for a career.

    In my 9th grade year I joined yearbook for the first time. Two years prior to this I was trying so hard to get on the staff. The first semester went by and I absolutely fell in love with it. The sound of the shutter, the rush of trying to get that "great" shot at a football game, my friends all asking me to take pictures of them, and that dream of traveling around the world taking pictures absolutely makes the art of photography and journalism for me.

    However, mixing it with my other passion has totally opened a huge window of oppurtunity for me. I play tournament paintball, and I am getting better and better everytime I place a foot onto a field. I want to become a professional tournament paintball player and a photographer/writer for a paintball magazine. If I do everything right, I feel I can make my dream come true.

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    Re: How did you become interested in Photography?

    I decided to take photoagraphy last year at my high school because i needed a practical arts credit and because I wanted to take pictures of my two passions: mountain biking and skiing. Anyway, a couple of roles of film latter, i was deeply in love with photography. I love being able to capture a mudane place or object in a way that it has never been seen it before. But what i think I like most about it is that it gives me an excuse to "explore". I have always been the type of person who likes getting lost, and goes on long drives just to find where the road ends (living on the front range of Colorado the answer is useually about 4 hours from my house in the mountains or Kansas). People, with the exception of a few freinds who enjoy accompaning me on such expeditions, always used to think that this exploration was without merit (i know better of course) but now that i have the camera, it becomes legit.

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    Re: How did you become interested in Photography?

    I first became interested because of my family's interest in photography. After working my way up in cameras and incidentally back in time (nothing beats an old Nikon F) I couldn't stop. There's nothing like the smell of darkroom chemicals...

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