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Thread: Happened again.

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    Happened again.

    So our house got broken into again.

    Its quite interesting. Many times I take at least one camera out. Not this time, though. I had hassy SLR (3 lenses), Leica (2 lenses), rolleicord TLR sitting at home. None were touched. Not even moved from their original spot.

    If I had a digital compact, I bet that would have been taken. If I had a digital SLR, it would have been taken for sure. But these strange medium format and 135 film all metal cameras were completely ignored.

    I refuse to say I was lucky, like many would say. To have one's house broken in is unlucky in itself. The mess and loss in faith in the human condition is bad enough even if not many material goods were lost.

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    Re: Happened again.

    Thats too bad. What did they take? Any ideas of who it may be?

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    Re: Happened again.

    Perhaps you should invest in a large dog.

    Sorry to hear this happened. Your right, it's unlucky in itself. But as they say, it could have been worse. At least you (and your family?) were not harmed.

    Best of luck in getting things back in order.

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