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    Jul 2004
    Portsmouth, NH

    A day at the lake

    Hi all. Well, I'm going to add to the "kids" photo section. Given that I spend 99% of my time around children under 6, what do you expect?!? Although, I did get a nice shot of a chipmunk today

    These are photo's from the lake today. We had a close friend bring her boys up for some rest and relaxation. Her husband has been in southern Iraq since February. Believe me, she needs a break given that she has two young boys! My wife and I can barely handle our two.

    I didn't want to post all these images in teh critique section, but any feedback would be appreciated!

    1) Bat Man

    2) Friends on the dock

    3) Friends Fishing (I de-saturated this a bit to get a soft/pastel/water color type tone. The original has some nice golden colors as well)

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    Jul 2004
    Portsmouth, NH

    and a couple more

    4) Time To Relax

    5) Sunset from the boat

    Original of Friends Fishing

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