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Thread: Crashed my car.

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    Princess of the OT adina's Avatar
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    Re: Crashed my car.

    You got me Steve...I was hoping it wasn't that obvious.

    We're not anticipating having to pay for the garage doors, in fact when I told them, they were just like "oh, okay, thanks for letting us know, see ya"

    Car is going to end up costing thousands, I'm sure. Too many pieces involved in the little bit of damage. But we are insured, and I've talked to them already.

    Still driveable, but the hood doesn't open, so we need to get it done right away...darn it, I was hoping to buy something fun.'s good, cd player is back to normal.
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    Senior Member freygr's Avatar
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    Re: Crashed my car.

    Ice can catch you any time but as long as your OK all is well but your pocket book. The best of wishes and good luck.

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    Seasoned Amateur WesternGuy's Avatar
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    Red face Re: Crashed my car.

    Adina, really glad to hear you are okay , too bad about the car though :blush2: .


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    mod squad gahspidy's Avatar
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    Re: Crashed my car.

    Glad it was nothing too serious. Bummer about the car and garage door. Upon reading the title of the thread it reminded me of the time a private sanitation truck made an illegal U-turn through a red light late at night in front of my Honda VFR (pearl white, hard to find) and I totaled the bike as I hit the truck and went under it . . .
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    Re: Crashed my car.

    Finally decided to buy a car and was really surprised to find out that insurance is so expensive. Now I have doubts again so maybe the purchase will be delayed... Because I really need full coverage as I am sure that I am bad driver and I can't really afford it.

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    Member Blandar's Avatar
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    Mar 2019

    Re: Crashed my car.

    This is so sad and it wastes so much time when you crush a car. And then you have to deal with insurance companies. Gosh, I so hate it. I remember I learnt about full coverage vs liability car insurance in order to figure out everything. Without my friends who work in insurance companies, it would be much harder.

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