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    Antique phot equipment

    This afternoon I was shown some old photo equipment and I'm wondering what it's worth, if anything, and any other information about the equipment... To start with, there was a large Century #4 (I think) box camera, possibly an 8x10. It wasn't in horible shape, but there was no glass in it, but I think we found the lens for it in another box. I did find one sort of like it on eBay, but I didn't find much else on the net. There was also some lighting fixtures and a small box of small lenses or filters of some sort. I did find what looked like a film holder which looked like it would hold a 4x5 neg. Along with all this stuff there was a what looked like a large base for mounting the camera on. The base had wheels on it and had a brass plate on it that said Globe and had a patent date of 1902 on it. I didn't have the time or the room to sort thru everything and try to figure out what goes with what like I would have and I wish I would have taken some pics to post here so everyone could see. I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. Anyone know of any good websites or books to start researching some of this stuff????

    Any and all info is welcome!

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    Try "McKeowan's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras". I've occasionally seen it at Barnes & Noble stores.


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