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    Durable, metal?, heavy duty umbrella + flash holder?

    I have bought this umbrella holder recently:

    Because its cheap material it broke where it mounts onto my lightstand. I have looked around and I couldn't find a metal/heavy duty one which can hold my umbrella and flash securely. I have a big umbrella. Do you know a metal umbrella holder which can hold my flash and which doesn't brake easily?


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    Re: Durable, metal?, heavy duty umbrella + flash holder?

    I see this one:

    I have not bought any, but it says it is 100% metal. A question or two should get you some more information.


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    Re: Durable, metal?, heavy duty umbrella + flash holder?

    The Manfrotto is well made. - Terry
    I am no better than you. I critique to teach myself to see.
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