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    Studio Strobe Flash Umbrella Softbox Light

    I am interested in getting 2 umbrella strobe light for the portrait and group shots.

    is this what i would use here is the link of what im thinking of getting!!!


    Also how do i use them where do i place them on the floor.

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    Re: Studio Strobe Flash Umbrella Softbox Light

    Hi Marcie,

    Don't be surprised if you don't get a lot of repsonses to your post. Besides the fact that it's an oft-asked question on this forum, what you're linking to are two very different lighting packages, and tough to compare, let alone give a recommendation on.

    First of all, neither kit you link to has a softbox included with it, so I hope you realize that. One is a flash kit, the other a continuous fluorescent. Seems the price of the second kit is roughly twice that of the first, which should tell you something .

    The way you work with these two types of light is very different, so you should decide what you think you would prefer, then compare similar kits...

    What I would do is browse this forum and look through the many posts dealing with entry-level flash kits. The advice I would give is to beware of really cheap kits (like the first you link to). These are for the most part junk and may frustrate you more than help, if they end up working properly at all...
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