A few years ago I used an Epson Photo Fine P-2000 for downloading my SD cards without needing to pack my laptop with me. Since stepping up to a 7D and 5D2, the RAW file formats are no longer compatible with the P-2000 and even if they were, I would quickly use up the available storage in this unit. Epson is now marketing a P-7000, which I am sure is a nice piece of equipment, but it is pretty spendy. I see other similar kinds of multimedia viewers advertised in photo magazines, but haven't found very glowing reviews on any of them. Wondering if anyone on this forum has found a product that works well to download and review images, is easy to take to the field without needing a computer, and isn't going to break the bank. It's not that I can't afford the Epson, I just would rather put the money in glass instead.