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    Policy about giving your wedding photos to vendors...???

    I am happy to give my photos to wedding planners, caterers, florists, etc. But I find it strange that a local vendor has two of my photos as opening pictures on her website (obviously she likes them) but promotes another photographer on her website whose work is clearly low quality. I feel that in a way I am promoting her business along with this other photographer.

    My question: What form of photo credit should I ask for to avoid situations like this? What do you usually do? Should I watermark my photos?

    Thanks for your input!

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    Re: Policy about giving your wedding photos to vendors...???

    contact the vendor, say that you are happy to let her use your photo's so long as she provides credit and promotes you as a wedding photographer. I mean, yeah that is pretty silly that she uses your pics then promotes someone else. She doesn't need to stop promoting them, but she needs to promote you if she wants your photos on her site.

    What is the site?

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