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    More wedding photos...

    Cause I know you guys just wanna see more!! ;)

    I was not primary on this one, thus I have to set up shots/portraits. which is fine with me. I got some great details.

    ps... isn't there someone on here named Kathy?
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    last one for now.

    We have a big wedding this Sat. with an ELEPHANT!! how cool is that?
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    yes, there is a Kathy (that you may be referring to) her user name is ChaosCubed and posts great Portaits of her children.

    I like your portraits that you've posted, I like the selective DOF, very different, and definitely your own style !

    The only things I can contribute are these
    Image # 1 I would angle a bit, so its not so Right side/left side.
    the white of the dress

    Image #2, Love this idea! Would of liked to see a version where she is looking out the window. (maybe?)
    Image #3 Like the idea, but something hits me as "off Kilter" Maybe its too out of focus, Losing too much of the brides facial outline? I'm not sure, just typing out loud here !
    Image #4 & # 5 Ahhhh the horizon kiss, great sunset! and really like the strewn roses ! You captured a great moment !

    I'd be honored to have you shoot my wedding! Now just to corral that groom.........

    What happens when you hit a Thousand? Should I watch for Balloons?

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