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    Shutter count of the E-5 and EPs

    As many of you know, the old trick of reading the shutter count does not work with the newer cameras.
    Here is what I found in other forums:
    camera is switched off
    press and hold menu button
    switch on camera
    release and press again menu button (you are now in the menu)
    go to LCD brightness (Setup menu, 3rd tab)
    go to brightness sliders
    press info button
    press ok button
    press the arrowkeys up, down, left, right
    press the shutter
    press arrow key right
    here we are


    Thanks to Michael Meissner in the fourthirdsphotoforum and ConradB in the German DSLR forum

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    Re: Shutter count of the E-5 and EPs

    Thanks Mike. Why can't they make this easier? Were going to find out how anyway, right? Looks like it is info that should be included with EXIF.
    I am like Barney Fife, I have a gun but Andy makes me keep the bullet in my pocket..

    Sony a99/a7R

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