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    e620 - blurry viewfinder

    Hi there,

    I've been using an Olympus e620 for the past few weeks, and for the life of me haven't been able to work out why the viewfinder is blurry.

    If I take a photo using the viewfinder, it comes out perfectly clear, even though what I can see through the viewfinder is blurry, so it's not a lens thing. Likewise, using the display screen at the back rather than the viewfinder also produces perfectly clear photos.

    So - if it's not the lens, it's not my eyes, and it's not a smudge on the viewfinder, what might it be? Adjusting the focus has no affect on what I see through the viewfinder - the scene remains consistently blurry, whilst the image produced by taking a photograph will be blurred if I've played with the focus. Unfortunately this means I have to use autofocus for everything, and it's becoming frustrating.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: e620 - blurry viewfinder

    It could be a smudge on the mirror. When you look through the finder you are only seeing a reflection from through the lens. Take the lens off and look at the mirror. I wouldn't suggest cleaning it yourself though. Leave that for someone who knows what to do. Mirrors on modern DSLRs are delicate.
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    Re: e620 - blurry viewfinder

    Did you try to adjust the diopter dial to suit your vision?.

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    Re: e620 - blurry viewfinder

    Gotta be the diopter on the side of the pentaprism. Get you manual out and it will tell you how to adjust it so that the image is sharp in the viewfinder.

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