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    Blurry viewfinder but...

    Hey everyone,

    So I recently was given a Pentax zx-7 film camera from 2001 by my mother. She hadn't used it in several years.

    But the viewfinder is blurry. I tried adjusting the diopter, and even at the highest level of sharpness, it is still extremely blurry. (If I hold my hand 3 inches away from the camera, I can see my hand perfectly clear.)

    Why is this? Is it something that I can fix myself? Or do I need to take it in to someone?


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    Re: Blurry viewfinder but...

    welcome scarlettebird. I assume you have checked lens, mirror and viewfinder are clean. Have you tried adjusting the viewfinder with the lens removed? Point the camera (w/o lens) at a bright wall and turn diopter adjustment until the focusing screen becomes sharp. Or, leave the lens on, focus at infinity and point at patch of sky and set diopter adjustment. If you can't get it sharp it may be worth a trip to a camera repairer. I'm sure someone here will point you to a reputable shop in your area.
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    Re: Blurry viewfinder but...

    I'll second taking it into get it looked at my a repair shop, depending on where in NJ you are, try B&H in NYC.
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