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    Question Help with Film and Processing

    I'm starting to shoot some little league games and plan on selling prints and enlargements.

    I've been using Fuji Superia 400. Would anyone suggest using another film? Is NPH worth a buck more a roll?

    Also do you think a professional lab would be worth the extra money over Costco?
    I can get double prints at Costco for 6 bucks and an 8 x 10 for under 2 bucks each.
    At most labs I would be looking at 20 and 6.

    I figure the other labs would be better, but i just don't know if it would justify the price difference.

    If anyone is from the Winston-Salem, NC area can you recommend a lab.



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    I would think that the parents would be thrilled at pics of their kids and probably most wouldnt know the difference in quality. (Its easy for us photo snobs to assume everyone will appreciate the difference in quality. But the truth is that most dont have a clue.) They might be reluctant to buy them if they cost "too much" even though you have taken time to make them the best images possible. I say start with what you've got - maybe even try black and white so it looks more photo-journalistic. 400 might not be great for stop action. Not a problem for the pee wee's since they cant move that fast anyway. Good luck! I shot a bunch at my little brothers' games when i was in college and the other parents were thrilled. I didnt make anything on them, just covered my costs and got lots of experience.

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    If you're serious about this invest in a DSLR. Getting shots that sell is hard, and they are more likely to buy if you can show them the photos right then and there. A quick printer and a digital and you're set.

    ISO 100 in broad daylight is more than fast enough as long as your lens lets in enough light.

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    I would use Walmart Fuji 200 as it's great for this. 100 will work too. But as far as priting, I would find a local shoot to finish type place that does custom prints. Sure you will pay 4x the prce as Walmart, but the print is better and on fantastic paper. The shot will look a lot better on good paper. I've noticed that the print is as importnat as anything else. No need in worring about film brand, speed and quality if you plan to cut yourself short on the prints.

    I have blown up Walmart Fuji 200 to 20" before, not much grain. That's as fast and fine as you need I think! 200 is NOT much differnt than 100. I use this Fuji for nearly all my color shots and Illford for B&W.
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