Kodak Introduces New Professional Films Featuring Vibrant
Color, Fine Grain

Films Target Professional Photographers, Advanced Amateurs

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 12 – Eastman Kodak Company introduced its new KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA COLOR and KODAK PROFESSIONAL BW400CN films, as well as an improved KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 800 film, further bolstering its industry-renowned portfolio of professional films. These new films are designed for commercial, wedding/portrait and advanced amateur (AdAms) photographers.

“The introduction of these films reinforces Kodak’s commitment to provide film alternatives that continue to meet the creative, business and workflow needs of professional and amateur photographers,” said Paula Balik, Director Worldwide Marketing, Film Capture Products, Kodak. “In today’s image-intensive world, photographers have unique needs. These new films are designed around what they want – intense color, beautiful skin tones, fine grain for scanning to digital files and/or black-and-white film that can process as easy as color negative film.”

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA COLOR films offer vibrant color saturation while maintaining exceptional skin tones, making them the ideal choice for a range of applications including fashion, advertising, editorial, travel, and nature. Featuring extremely fine grain, these films are the perfect choice for enlargements or for scanning negatives and integrating images into digital workflows. The ULTRA COLOR films are available in both 100 and 400-speeds to allow flexibility across lighting conditions.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL BW400CN film is a multi-purpose, black-and-white chromogenic film designed for processing in color negative chemistry. Different from traditional black-and-white films, it provides the elegance of black-and-white imagery with the convenience of printing on color negative paper. BW400CN provides extremely fine grain, outstanding highlight and shadow detail, and a smooth neutral tone scale. The film simplifies the way photographers make and sell high-quality black-and-white prints, and it can be developed in any professional lab or retail establishment running a C-41 Process.

Improved High-Speed PORTRA 800 Film
Kodak has also made improvements to the KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 800 film. This high-speed film, part of the respected PORTRA color negative film portfolio, which now features finer grain for smooth enlargements and more under-exposure latitude. This high-speed film is great for candid shots in low light or when capturing images with motion. Printing compatibility with the other PORTRA films will be maintained.

“Professional and advanced amateur photographers continually challenge themselves to deliver superior images for their client or personal use. Their film choice is based on its ability to meet those expectations. The new films will continue to help them achieve a new level of performance and success,” said Balik. “ULTRA COLOR, BW400CN, and PORTRA 800 films reinforce Kodak’s history of giving photographers the tools they need to craft their signature look and style.”

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ULTRA COLOR film in 400 speed replaces KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 400UC film in US, Canada and Japan, and will be available in March 2004 beginning in the U.S. and Canada. KODAK PROFESSIONAL BW400CN film replaces KODAK PROFESSIONAL T400CN and PORTRA 400BW films worldwide and will be available worldwide in April 2004.

For information about Kodak’s professional products, please visit www.kodak.com/go/professional