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    Push Processing Help!!!

    Hey Everydoby,

    I have a roll of Fuji Superia 1600 that I pushed to 3200, and now I cannot find anybody remotely close that will process it for me. Does anybody know of a good mail-in place that could do this? I don't neccessarily need a pro lab, I am not selling the pics, and as terrible as it sounds, I don't care too much at this point. Locally here in Minneapolis, I have to drive 45 minutes each way, and would like to aviod it if I can. Even if you yourself would do it, I will mail the film with a SASE, and pay you for it, any takers?


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    Nobody in Minneapolis? Have you tried these guys?:

    I used to use them for digital prints from slides but that's been a couple of years since I have a film scanner now. I asked them once about cross processing with a push and they would do it - never ended up needing it but they might be able to help with this.

    It probably won't be cheap no matter where you go. The inexpensive places like Walmart and Walgreens won't do any kind of special processing like that, you'll have to go to a custom or pro lab. You should expect higher quality work from them too, but make a fair comparison (as in Superia 1600 shot at 1600 and processed at both places) between different labs.

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