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    Filming web series/blog - What type of camera should I use?

    So I'm planning a web series/blog kind of thing and I need help in deciding what type of camera I should be going with. DSLR, Camcorder or Flip type video camera.
    A lot of the filming I will be doing alone and will have to film myself in some cases so what do you guys think would work best?

    Off the bat, I'm leaning towards an entry level kind of DSLR like the Canon T1i or the Nikon D5000. I really like the shallow depth of field type shots you can get with DSLR's. However, I envision filming myself would be a bit of a challenge.
    I also plan on taking pictures for the blog, so that's where a DSLR would also come in handy.

    Now if I go with a camcorder, it would be easier to film myself but I obviously won't be able to take good pictures with it. And how are camcorders with DOF shots?

    Do you guys think it would be a good idea to get a DSLR and then just a flip type camera for whenever I have to film myself? Would appreciate any input or suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Filming web series/blog - What type of camera should I use?

    DSLR camera and a cheap monitor?
    Assuming the video out on the camera is live while recording.

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    Re: Filming web series/blog - What type of camera should I use?

    depends on a lot of stuff like where how are you going to be filming and how are you thinking of recording sound?

    First off I would say look for a DSLR with a flip and swivel screen like the canon 60D, but then my second thought is a tipod and microphone will be excellent investments. My third thought is how long is each clip likely to be - many DSLR's only record for a short time in HD mode. Third thought is focus, are you comfortable manually or pre focusing?

    DSLR's are great for video but you still have to work them hard to get good results. a camcorder on the other hand all you need worry about is composition - assuming you don't want to have to worry about focus, sound, exposure. If you do then either a prosumer camcorder or a DSLR, but then since you are jumping up a price point the DSLR looks better as it is cheaper than prosumer camcorders and serves two functions....

    Maybe you can hire a DSLR and Hire a low end pro or prosumer camcorder and see what suits you best before you lock in the $$.
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