Hey everyone in a few weeks i will be filming a video for a youth retreat i am involved in organising. this will be my first major project in a while. all my preproduction planning, scripting and storyboarding is completed however i am worried that the allocated one day to film will not be enough. i will not really have time to extend the shoot, and my crew will be largely untrained (although i have a very large crew available) here is a rough script with editing notes. the video will be a lighthearted way to force people to pay attention to the rules or the retreat. what do you guys think ? should i allow a couple of extra days to shoot ? i would rather not if i don't have to as i need to edit this pretty fast and i am heavily involved in other aspects of the retreat (the video will be about 10mins long whilst people are arriving so it is not a major part although it will play a major role in setting the tone)

Video Rulz Script

To ensure your stay at Merroo is safe, secure and fun for all, we ask that you respect the following house rules:

The ALIVE Festival is open to all young people and we ask that participants make a special effort to look for the positive in others to create a ‘no pay out zone.’
Rule 1 script:
CU of a person lying on the floor in the foetal position. Camera tracks back to show a group of people around them pointing and chanting “wog boy wog boy”
ECU of various faces from the group pointing and joining in the chant. Rubber Stamp “No pay out zone” voice over “The Alive Festival will be a no pay out zone”
CU of a group hug with the wog boy at the centre.

Characters. 1 “Wog boy” and a minimum of 5 others to point and chant and voice over guy.
Props: None
Sound FX: Live atmos, voice over
Lighting, 1 overhead with reflector / Daylight
Location: Corner of St Pats Hall (or equivalent)
Editing: Text Rubber stamp Alive festival no payout zone.

The ALIVE Festival activities are scheduled for all participants to join in.
Our guest presenters, priests and small group leaders are kindly giving up their time and will appreciate a friendly and respectful welcome.

B&W Silent CU of Presenter in the middle of a speech, fade up sound and colour as the presenter says “and that my friends is most commonly interpreted as Jesus answer to the meaning of life” slight pause then
WS of empty conference room. Rubber stamp, “Stuff is important b there to listen” voice over “respect your leaders pride please attend all sessions” during fade to
CU of presenter rocking back and forth crying.

Characters: Presenter, voice over guy.
Props: Lectern
Sound FX: Atmos / voice over.
Lighting: Ambient.
Location: Classroom style room, venue tba.
Editing: Fade to colour, Text Rubber Stamp “Stuff is important, b there to listen”

Everyone is invited to join in the small groups and participate at a level they feel comfortable. We also ask that small groups assist in meal clean ups.

MS of group hug, everyone is having an intensely emotional time.
CU of a participant with a walkman looking at the rest of the group wondering what is going on. Rubber Stamp “be involved.”

Characters: 1 Leader, 1 Walkman Guy, 5 participants.
Costumes: Nothing Special
Props: Walkman
Sound FX: Atmos, over music from headphones.
Lighting: Ambient
Location: Classroom style
Editing: rubber stamp

CU of Walkman guy doing a pile of dishes rubber stamp “help cleaning up”

Characters: Walkman Guy
Costume, nothing special.
Props: soap bubbles, crockery, walkman
Sound FX: Atmos, Crickets, Music from headphones.
Lighting Ambient, fluorescent
Location: Kitchen
Editing: Rubber stamp.

For a real ‘get away experience’ we ask that all mobile phones be turned off during the entire weekend. Usage will be allowed during free time on the Saturday afternoon.

Text on black: “PleaseSwitch off all except during free time”
“Warning failure to comply with this rule may result scenes that offend some participants.”
WS of a leader talking to a circle of participants. One of the participants phones rings.
MS of participant answering phone. “hello ? oh hi uncle joe” Leader screams and runs into shot. They grab the phone from the bemused participant and continue running to the door as the camera tracks them. Cut to montage of phones being destroyed. Outside phone sales over goal posts. Phone being thrown at Brick wall, phone being flushed down toilet, phone into fire bucket and phone being smashed by sledge hammer.

Characters: 1 presenter, 1 phone guy, 5 participants.
Costumes: nothing special.
Props, 5 unwanted phones (more if we can get them), 1 sledge hammer, 1 fire bucket with accelerant (metho and paper) and matches.
Sound FX: atmos, various smashing sounds, diagetic and canned.
Lighting: ambient
Location: St Pats hall, St Pats oval, Brick wall behind camera house, Simmo’s place, a toilet somewhere.
Editing: fast paced montage, hard cuts, aggressive music.

Alcohol and recreational drugs are not permitted for the entire weekend or prior to the start of the Festival.

MS of a group of people at a bar. They finish there drinks and one of them says “lesh go to Alive”, the rest of the group affirm this and start to get up. Several of them promptly fall down.
MS of them arriving at the retreat centre with a team member looking like a bouncer shaking head and sending them away.
Characters: Bartender, Team member, 4 drunks.
Costumes, Bartenders clothes, bouncers uniform, nothing special.
Props: Bar, bar stools.
Sound FX: Atmos
Lighting: Dim moody for bar with maybe some background disco lighting. Ambient for festival entrance.
Location: Simmo’s back room and St Pats Hall entrance.
Editing: As per footage.

Evening activities finish at 10.30pm each night with lights out at 11pm.
It is hazardous to go walking after dark and we ask that participants stay in their accommodation between the times of 11pm-6am. (A prayer group will operate between 11pm and 12am.)

MS Person walks out of cabin. Cut to MS of woods. Sound of Stick breaking prompts person to stop and listen. Rustling noises, haunting whistling. Person turns.
ECU of persons face in panic searching into the shadows, sounds speed up music lifts.
ECU traking, person turns and runs panting heavily, “there is something out there”
MS very fast cut to a figure in black with balaclava running parallel to person through the bushes.
POV of person running through bushes.
ECU / POV from feet tracking.
ECU person screams and falls out of shot right, Camera falls, goes wild and drops down to ground landing upside down. Sound of panting and rustling can still be heard but stops suddenly and all is silent.
Rubber Stamp “Stay in your cabin after lights out”

Characters: person, monster.
Costumes: pyjamas ? black clothes balaclava.
Props: mag light torch
Sound FX: Night time sounds owls, eerie hooting, heavy panicked breathing, crashing through undergrowth, sticks breaking.
Lighting, low/ night time, possibly infra red.
Location: Ren’s shed / the bush near her house.
Editing: Dramatic, jumpy, hollywood.

Please inform the organisers if you have to leave the Merroo Conference Centre in the case of an emergency or family request before you leave. (Anne Maree Higgins, Claire Barbeau or Lyndal Hill.) Otherwise we ask that participants stay on the premises at all times.

WS of a leader calling a role in a monotone voice finally calling the name “beuler ? beuler ? beuler ?” Rubber Stamp “Let us know if you have to go” with sound continuing….
Characters: Leader, 5 Participants.
Costumes: nothing special
Props: clip board and pen.
Sound FX: Atmos, monotone “Beuler ?”
Lighting: Ambient
Location: classroom or equivalent.
Editing. Slow monotone boring.

Permission slips may be collected through registrations via the Diocesan Office and during registrations on the Friday evening. (Please note we cannot allow a participant to stay at Merroo if they forget their permission slip.)

WS of family at the dinner table with an empty seat. Mom walks in and asks “where’s Jimmy” WS to ECU of Jimmy’s room with a note on the pillow that has the festival registration details. MS of same bouncer as bar scene shaking head and sending Jimmy away.

Characters: Family, mum dad, bro, sis, Jimmy, bouncer.
Costumes, nothing Special except bouncer must be wearing same clothes.
Props: dinner, permission note
Sound FX: Atmos
Lighting: Ambient
Editing: Nothing Special
Location: Simmo’s Dinning room, spare bedroom, entrance to St Pats Hall

If you have any immediate concerns during the ALIVE Festival, contact your small group leader. For more serious issues the Festival team leaders will be on hand and can report to the organisers.

WS over shoulder of leader, participant “have you seen my other sock ?” leader “have you checked your bag ?” Participant “yes” leader “what about your room ?” “yes” “somebody might have picked it up by mistake have you asked the other people in you room ?” meanwhile in the background a person is holding a sock to a wound they have sustained to there hand (it is severed off) they are yelling and dripping blood.
Rubber Stamp / voice over “Take concerns to your small group leader, for more serious issues see festival team leaders”

Characters: Leader, Participant, Injured person
Costumes: Nothing special except socks.
Props: fake hand ? fake blood (washing liquid & red food dye)
Sound FX: Atmos & screaming / voice over
Lighting: Ambient
Editing: try to keep it fairly boring so as not to overdramatise. Ruber stamp
Location: bland Hall
To find out what’s going on, we will provide you with a program and ask you bring it to all activities.

Participant asking leader “what are we doing after lunch ?” leader replies “its in your program, have a look” slow fade to B&W dreamlike view of participant making a plane out of program and throwing it away.

Characters: participant, leader, 3 background
Costumes: none
Props: several copies of the program and a paper plane
Sound FX: Dreamlike music and whoosing fx for plane throwing
Lighting: ambient for 1st scene soft for dream scene
Editing: the usual
Location: bland hall

Any musical / audio visual equipment is to be used by those in their care.

WS,A Participant Walks up to the mixing desk after the band have finished playing and moves to touch it. ECU hand on button, MS a flash and a puff of smoke, as smoke clears the participant is gone but there smouldering shoes remain.

Characters: Participant, 3 band members.
Costumes: joggers for participant, otherwise nothing exceptional
Props: Mixing desk, mics and band equipment.
Sound FX: “boof”
Lighting: ambient then quick flash
Editing: Careful jump cuts for before during and after the flash.
Location: the stage in St Pats Hall

There is heaps to do throughout the day and we ask that you refrain from visiting your accommodation during the day.

WS walkman dude walks out of cabin as people are returning from an activity being wildly enthusiastic about what they have just seen. Walkman dude looks dazed at them as they pass wondering what is going on. Voice over “there is heaps to do, don’t miss the best bits, please stay away from your cabins during the day.”

Characters: Walkman Dude, 4-5 participants
Costumes: nothing special
Props: nothing special
Sound FX: Atmos & voice
Lighting: Ambient
Editing: nothing special
Location: Ren’s hut ?
The ALIVE Festival will finish at 4pm.

Above all have fun, be yourself and always ask someone if you are unsure.
If you would like to offer your help to the organising team (setting up sessions, moving equipment, any add jobs) please put your name down at the end of the official welcome.
Facility Rundown:
Toilet facilities are in the main hall and in the accommodation blocks.
On arrival, please register between 6.30pm-8pm and leave your luggage in the main hall. The team will direct the groups to their accommodation with their keys at the end of the first evening.
The House of Prayer is on the hilltop and open for quiet reflection and prayer during free time on the Saturday afternoon.