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    Junior Member setiprime's Avatar
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    Feb 2004

    Selling Price Advice

    I would appreciate your comments on the following.

    I have been shooting local SCCA races (road race) at a local track, on a freelance basis. I post selected (small/low res) photos on their website.

    I have received an inquiry about selling a photo I took, from one of the drivers. This may start a trend.

    1) I have capacity to print 4x6, 5x7, and 6x8 Dye sublimation (Hi-Touch 730ps)
    and 8.5 x 11 Inkjet (HP 7960)

    My question is basically what do I charge per print (each size)?
    Also what do I charge for a CD with electronic files?

    Any and all suggestions are welcomed.
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    Captain of the Ship Photo-John's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

    Excellent Question

    This is a great question. You might what to post this one the Sports Photography Forum, too. I have a fair amount of experience with this. First of all, I wouldn't even sell 4x6 prints. You have to sell them for too much money and if you price them reasonably that's all you'll sell. Most guys at the track like photos, but all their money goes into their vehicle and track time.

    I've been selling photos to mountain bikers and I used to sell photos to motorcycle guys after track days. Right now, I sell an 8x10 for $25 and a 5x7 for $15. That's more than some of the services, but I don't shoot everyone in the same corner, in the same way. And I don't print my own photos. Home printers are too slow and cost too much. I can get an 8x10 made for online $2.99 - 3.99. That's way easier and probably cheaper than the ultimate cost of using a home inkjet or dye sub printer.

    I would recommend not selling CDs of photos. That's like giving away your film. If people want something, offer to sell them a print, but don't give away the farm.

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    Nov 2004

    Re: Excellent Question

    Guys from a cruise got a good shot of me in Alaska. I paid $9 for the (5x7)print. Scanned it when I got home and printed it again from the home printer.

    Never give a CD out cheap. But I got a quality photo in the library for a good price.

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    has-been... another view's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Rockford, IL

    Re: Selling Price Advice

    I completely agree with John's advice about the 4x6 prints. Someone who buys that only wants to save a few bucks because they're just going to scan it anyway. I'd probably stick with 8x10's only to keep your life easier.

    I also wouldn't sell CD's of images. If they want a "not great" digital copy, they'll scan it themselves. Putting a copyright stamp on the back most likely won't help you, but it certainly can't hurt you. If they really want a CD, have them hire you to shoot a race and charge on an hourly basis. If they did that, I'd only concentrate on covering them - no double-dipping!

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