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    New camera recommendation please

    Hi everyone my wife is looking for a new camera and I have been charged with finding it and buying it.

    Background 90% of its use is shooting pictures and short video's of our 2 year old and 4 year old. Most of the time the pictures and video's are uploaded to our family site on Phanfare. I lot of our family is across the country so lots and lots of pictures get posted. Some of the pictures do get printed but not often.

    Right now she uses a Canon PowerShot S3 and there is no issue with the picture or video quality for most shots. The first issue is that she will get a shot lined up and the camera will not always take the picture right away (this is a big issue that drives her nuts) this mostly happens when using the flash. Another thing she really wants to be able to do is take a lot of shots very fast one right after another. The S3 will do this in sport mode but only with really good light. A camera that works in lower light would also be nice.

    She is willing to learn to use a camera that is not as automatic if that is what it takes.

    I would like to stay around a $1000 or less if I can so what do you guys think?


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    Re: New camera recommendation please

    A budget of a $1000 throws you up into DSLR territory.
    In the compact world, that means you can get the best - and that's Canon's G12.
    If you really do mean to DSLR, get the T2i with its 18-55mm kit lens which is $850.
    I must warn you that the switch from a compact camera to a DLSR is not trivial,
    and might cause frustration at first. She will need to learn how to use her camera,
    as it is much less forgiving than a compact. In the long run she will probably love it.
    My compact digital camera guide -

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