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    Conspiracy Theory > Digital 35mm Film Canister/CCD Back

    Greetings... about 6 years ago I heard comments here in Japan of a private company in the US that had submitted patents for a standard size 35mm film canister with an attached CCD plate, this combination would turn any standard film 35mm camera into a digital camera. The market consequences are obvious for the big film and camera makers. Has anyone heard of this or the status ? A internet check turned up nothing...just curious. Best regards, from Japan

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    Re: Conspiracy Theory > Digital 35mm Film Canister/CCD Back

    You mean this one?

    This question comes up from time to time but it looks like they've never done anything with it.

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    Too Little, Too Late

    Silicon Film has always been a little too late and too expensive. I'm amazed they're still around. I had meetings with them about their products a few times. But nothing ever really came of it. And with the entry price of a digital SLR now well under $1000, I can't see their system ever becoming a viable alternative.

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