Fujifilm Leading Imaging Solutions; PMA 2005: Fujifilm Showcases Advances in Imaging Solutions for Retailers, Professionals, Businesses and Consumers

VALHALLA, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 8, 2005--Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc., is exhibiting a broad range of imaging technologies and products at PMA 2005 under the banner, "Fujifilm. Leading Imaging Solutions". Even as technology and the marketplace evolve, Fujifilm is continuing to lead the industry in providing advanced imaging solutions along the capture - store - print - share continuum.

"For more than 70 years Fujifilm has consistently researched and introduced advances in its technology to deliver excellent quality imaging products and great services for all of our customers," said Atsushi Yoneda, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. "Even as the photo-imaging industry redefines itself in digital terms, the imaging know-how we've amassed can be seen in our latest products and solutions. As a result, we remain a reliable brand, a premier manufacturer, a valued supplier and in this complex market - a sought-after business partner."

At PMA 2005, Fujifilm will unveil new digital cameras, new 35mm film and film cameras and the latest advances in printing solutions - all underscoring the company's commitment to providing the best solutions to its customers.

"Our aim is to support our customers by bringing imaging product and service solutions that make them successful," said Hank Hayashi, Senior Executive Vice President, and President of Fujifilm's Imaging Group. "The products and services we are highlighting at PMA demonstrate this: new FinePix digital cameras with advanced image processors and offering Real Photo Technology, the next generation of Frontier digital lab systems that offer Prints in Minutes speed, innovative new film products, and a variety of wireless and camera phone picture sharing and printing options. We listen to our customers and try to give them what they need to succeed."

More About Fujifilm at PMA 2005

Visitors to the Fujifilm Booth # 3508 located in the West Building of the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida will find physical representation of Fujifilm's latest imaging solutions.

Capture Solutions:

PMA 2005 showcases Fujifilm's full line of award-winning FinePix professional and consumer digital cameras. Featured will be two sleek new models, the 6.3 MegaPixel FinePix F10 and the 5.1 MegaPixel FinePix Z1 with Fujifilm's breakthrough Real Photo Technology for improved picture taking in low light situations, more efficient power consumption and faster overall operation.

The latest imaging innovation from Fujifilm, Real Photo Technology, is a synergy of three key devices: a sharp Fujinon 3X optical zoom lens, Fujifilm's 5th generation Super CCD sensor and the newly developed RP Processor. With Real Photo Technology, users of the 6.3 MegaPixel FinePix F10 can capture beautiful digital images with very little noise at ISO settings all the way up to 1600 at full resolution. This allows the photographer to shoot without a flash in the "Natural Light" scene position, preserving mood and reducing red-eye. Real Photo Technology also allows for higher shutter speeds that minimize blurriness in photos at even the highest ISO settings.

This combination of devices in the FinePix F10, particularly the sensor and processor, has also led to advances in power consumption -- the FinePix F10 can take 500 pictures on a single charge of its lithium ion battery* -- and operating speed. The FinePix F10 is fast - very fast, in fact -- going from off to ready-to-shoot in a mere 1.3 seconds. The FinePix F10 also takes the "lag" out of shutter lag with a shot-to-shot speed of 1/100th second, and a high-speed shooting mode automates the capture of moving subjects by speeding up the exposure and focusing processes. This operating speed ensures that even the most unexpected moments can be saved in brilliant Fujifilm color, giving consumers the speed and performance they crave while injecting some fun and style into the mid-range category of consumer digital cameras.

Like the FinePix F10, the new 5.1 MegaPixel FinePix Z1 is compact and feature-packed, but it is set apart by a sleek and stylish design. Available in two colors -- a deep, sophisticated black and a stunning brushed silver --, this fashionable camera incorporates many of the features of the FinePix F10, but is as slender as digicams come -- measuring a mere 18.6 millimeters thick. The slim design is made possible thanks to a non-extending, refractive 3x optical zoom lens. And with no optical viewfinder, special attention was paid to the engineering of its 2.5" reinforced, scratch-resistant glass LCD display. The elegant stylings of the 5.1 MegaPixel FinePix Z1 will make it the preferred choice for a night out and again, thanks to Fujifilm's Real Photo Technology, this camera also will deliver sharp images without the noise and graininess that often accompanies low-light shooting.

With the introduction of its FinePix A345 and FinePix A350, Fujifilm continues to introduce easy-to-use cameras that deliver superb image quality for consumers new to digital photography. With new image processors, 4.1 and 5.2 MegaPixel CCDs, respectively, larger LCD screens, retracting 3x optical zoom lenses and pre-programmed scene modes, these additions to Fujifilm's line-up usher in a smaller, more contemporary look for the popular FinePix A Series.

Fujifilm introduces two new 35mm film cameras at PMA 2005 that are designed to make picture taking both easy and affordable. The new Fujifilm Clear Shot V and Clear Shot M offer big, bright viewfinders for easy photo composition. The Clear Shot V incorporates manual film advance and manual flash while the Clear Shot M sports an Easy Loading film system, Automatic Film Advance and Auto Flash with Red-Eye Reduction.

PMA 2005 demonstrates that Fujifilm remains committed to providing consumers with a choice of picture taking options across formats. At the show the company introduces its new Fujicolor True Definition 400 35mm film, a premium ISO 400 35mm color print film featuring Fujifilm's new Fine-Color Film Technology that delivers extremely accurate color and skin tone reproduction, wide exposure latitude and precise detail for exceptional prints.

Fujifilm also introduces a new One-Time-Use camera, QuickSnap True Definition, that combines the advantages of Fujifilm's new True Definition film with a premium 2-element lens for sharp, clear pictures and improved background detail.

Also new at PMA 2005 is Fujifilm's line up of QuickSnap Colors, stylish 35mm One-Time-Use cameras in three trendy colors: purple, red and blue. QuickSnap Colors delivers the same high quality pictures as the current QuickSnap Flash 800 cameras and has the same specifications and attributes.

For the professional market, Fujifilm premiers two medium-speed color negative films - Fujicolor Pro 160S and Fujicolor Pro 160C - that feature smooth skin tone rendition, unprecedented neutral gray balance, exceptionally fine grain and wide exposure latitude. These new films represent the leading edge of Fujifilm's color negative film technology and, because they were designed to be optimized for digital scanning and printing systems, resulting in a smooth hybrid film/digital workflow. Combining smooth, gentle tones with superb natural color reproduction, Fujicolor Pro 160S is ideal for wedding, portrait, and fashion photography. Fujicolor Pro 160C offers high contrast and vivid color, for a wide range of applications from portraiture and architecture to commercial work.

Store Solutions:

Fujifilm exhibits its 1GB xD-Picture Card(TM) Type M at the PMA 2005 show. This new flash memory card uses Multi Level Cell (MLC) architecture, a new high-density flash memory technology.

As a leading innovator in optical disc storage technologies, Fujifilm also showcases a broad portfolio of blank optical recording media, including high capacity, "Double Layer" (DL) DVD media with storage capacities of up to 8.5 GB and high-speed 16X discs featuring Fujifilm OXOLIFE, a patented, "environmentally-friendly" recording dye.

Print Solutions:

For retail and commercial photofinishing customers, Fujifilm introduces its new Frontier 550 digital lab system which delivers up to 1200 prints (4R size) per hour and the Frontier 570 digital lab system delivers up to 1,800 prints (4R size) per hour - in spite of its compact size, the highest-ever processing speeds yet from a Frontier digital lab system. Maximum capacity of the Frontier 570 printer processor is 2,040 prints per hour as when printing multiples of a single negative or digital file. Its dry-to-dry processing time is surprisingly fast - as little as 1 minute and 22 seconds, which brings total processing time for a single order of 24 prints (4R) down to as little as 2 minutes and 24 seconds. This Prints in Minutes performance comes compliments of using Fujifilm's new CP-49E Chemical System and Crystal Archive Paper Type II in combination with the new Frontier models. Frontier Manager, Fujifilm's unique lab management system, also improves operator workflow and maximizes output capabilities, furthering supporting Prints in Minutes services. The Frontier 570 also incorporates Fujifilm's latest Image Intelligence (TM) technologies including "Full Automatic Red-eye Correction" software (optional).

With the debut of its Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Type II Fujifilm introduces the newest improvement to Fujifilm's renowned Crystal Archive Paper technologies. This RA-4 paper boasts improved handling characteristics, vivid color reproduction, brilliant whites and improved highlight detail and image stability.

Show attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about the Fujifilm Intelligent Device Services (FIDS), a new distributed, intelligent software solution that leverages the Internet to monitor and service the Fujifilm Frontier digital lab system and communicate in real-time with minilab operators. The service helps lab operators improve their service to customers and reduce down-time and service costs because the system is continuously monitored and diagnostics, calibration and software upgrades are performed remotely.

Fujifilm unveils the next step in printing solutions for today's mobile digital imaging generation with its Mobile Printer MP-70, the first portable, handheld wireless printer specifically designed for the accelerating U.S. camera phone market. The MP-70 provides instant prints from infrared enabled camera phone in only 20 seconds, anytime and anywhere. With its portability, simple operated wireless printing and high quality prints, MP-70 is set to create a new category of mobile printing from camera phones.

Share Solutions:

Fujifilm continues to break new ground in ensuring that once the picture is captured consumers can quickly and easily get real digital prints to enjoy, share with others and preserve for years to come through its Get the Picture Online Service at http://www.fujifilm.com/pictures . Beginning late last year, Microsoft began to offer Windows XP users the convenience of uploading images to a retailer through Fujifilm's Get the Picture Online Service using the "Online Print Wizard" on the Windows XP operating system.

Fujifilm's leadership in mobile image sharing has also been highlighted by a series of recent agreements with leading cellular network carriers. Linked through Fujifilm's Get the Picture Online Service, Sprint offers subscribers an online print order service that sends their mobile images directly to a participating retail photofinisher for real prints of their camera phone pictures. The service - the first of its kind offered to wireless customers - offers the convenience of in-store pick-up in as little as an hour. Nextel offers a similar service with Fujifilm, while Cingular, has developed a unique postcard application that allows their customers to use camera phones to create personalized Fujifilm photo postcards that are mailed through the U.S. Postal Service directly from a Cingular handset.

Show Celebrities

Fujifilm's presence at PMA is visible in the air with the Fujifilm Blimp flying over Orlando throughout the week. Celebrating its twenty-first year in the sky and at PMA, the Blimp also promotes Fujifilm's digital imaging leadership with a new message: "Fujifilm Means Digital".

Coinciding with PMA 2005 is the start of Spring Training at the New York Yankees' Legends Field in nearby Tampa. To celebrate its second season as an official sponsor of the New York Yankees, Fujifilm is proud to host Yankee legends Whitey Ford and Goose Gossage, who will be on hand in the Fujifilm booth to autograph photos.