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    What do you think of the lighting

    Playing around with some lighting. What do you think of it?

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    E tu, Dennis???

    Dennis, Dennis, Dennis...

    So here I am standing at the front gate of the Studio & Lighting Forum with a tin cup in my hand, practically BEGGING for new threads, and you go positng this in VIEWFINDER.

    Obviously that payola I slipped you in Chicago wasn't enough...

    Seriously, I think the lighting in the shot looks good. What was your setup? Your subject could probably use a little more seperation from the bg, but that's not an ironclad rule. Also, on my monitor, it looks like the back eye is unsharp. Selective focusing on a tight portrait is great, but if it's only one eye, that tends to look awkward.

    I do have one question: is this the MISSUS??? I have to say, it's an interesting expression. Either you caught her in a REAL pensive mood, or she's about to kick you butt for making her pose for you. Probably better if I don't know... ;)

    Any more pics from this shoot?
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    I looked at this lastnight my time and thought I would have a look this morning when I wasn't so tired and haven't changed my opinion of the photo. This is a very moody look you are getting from your subject. The right eye isn't sharp like the left, DOF here. What setting did you use, what lighting setup, looks like the lighting was left of camera shining down on subject, was it just one light with some reflector on camera right. To me on my monitor, lighting looks even across the subject.

    The other thing I noticed is the little whisps of hair sticking out near her left eye, about 2-3 long strands and also some over the right eye/forehead. Why did you crop off the top of her head, was that intentional. Did you crop the image or is this straight from the camera.

    Still well done and yes, like Steve, I think this should be over in the Studio Lighting forum.

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