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Thread: Studio Lighting

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    Firefighter Tyson L. Sparks's Avatar
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    Studio Lighting

    Wher can I get a cheap studio lighting kit?

    How can I be lost
    If I've got nowhere to go?

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    Not-so-recent Nikon Convert livin4lax09's Avatar
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    Re: Studio Lighting

    for strobes? Me!

    Cheap (and good!) strobes
    everything else, check midwest photo exchange. Strobist readers are their main customers.

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    Re: Studio Lighting

    My dad bought one, lemme see if I can get the model number and such.

    Heck, you could come try it out! XD

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    Re: Studio Lighting

    How cheap and strobes or hot lights?? What usage, mostly portraits/headshots, small/medium groups (families) or ????

    Do not forget a suitable backdrop or seamless paper holder.

    Then you might want to decide if you want to use a softbox or not.

    Like all things photographic, unless you make your own, cheaper often means it will get replaced sooner.

    You could set yourself a 'learning' budget, buy a two or three light/reflector/stand snoot/hood/barn door kit and see what you can do and what you then want.

    Best wishes and let us know what direction you head towards.
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