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    Cheap (and good!) strobes

    Hello all,
    I am listing my strobes for sale, as I have just purchased a couple alienbee b800s and no longer need these. I'm trying to work my way up to a 300mm f/2.8 lens, so I'm just trying to clear out the stuff I don't use and I figured someone on here would want them. Here's the deal. Theres three strobes, the britek bb-200's. I'm selling them cheap, but for their size and look, they actually put off a really good amount of light.


    -power adjustable in full, half, and quarter power
    -umbrella/modifier holder built in
    -comes with a reflector, 120 degrees I believe
    -built in optical relay. So if they sense a flash, they will trigger. Makes studio shooting much MUCH easier.
    -I do not know the exact power, sorry.

    picture of one of the strobes. click for image.

    that is a pocket tripod below it, so it gives you a good idea of just how small they are. I have all three packed into my 1d box.

    some images I've shot with them...

    one strobe

    two strobes

    three strobes

    two strobes on 13' light stands pointed at the ceiling. Usually I shoot ISO 1600, f/2.8, 1/300 in this gym, and with the strobes I shot 1/500, ISO 640, f/4. As I said, these are surprisingly powerful.

    so the price is $50 each, shipped. They ship w/ the reflectors, power cables, and PC sync cords. If you want all three, $135 shipped. If you know anything about lighting, you know this is a steal for strobes. I just dropped 500 on 2 alienbees, so 135 for 3 good lights is a real deal. Please PM me if you are interested.

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    Re: Cheap (and good!) strobes

    Before anyone objects to this being a sales pitch for used gear, I just want to point out that Brent came to me before posting and asked me about it.

    He's a long-time site member that has contributed to many, many forum discussions, and I figured (as did he) that those that participate in this forum might have a genuine interest in this equipment...
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