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Thread: Reply to I Fly

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    Reply to I Fly

    I work for Alaska Airlines in Juneau and have a ramp I.D. to go pretty much anywhere on airport property...although not everywhere. These aircraft were parked on a taxi-way for the smaller planes and couldnt get up there, so I was limited to this angle and fighting the sun, but I like how the background turned out.
    Thanks for looking and your comments.

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    That's pretty cool. I'm in charge of issuing ramp IDs at the airport I work at. I'm lucky enough to have unrestricted access to all areas of the airport. Unfortunately, that means I'm often working when there are some prime photo ops. Oh well.

    I like the scenic photos you've been posting also. I'd like to visit Alaska, sometime when it's relatively warm! Thanks for posting the photos and allowing me to comment!!
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