I'm looking for custom book printers that will print as little as one book. I've been working on a series for 5 yrs and I thought I would put it together in a book (doubling as a portfolio). I know layout and will be doing all that myself so I don't need any of those upload photos and we will make you a book type of services.

I get the feeling that amature focused places like shutterfly isn't as good quality as what I hope for (and may not give me the layout freedom).

I found http://asukabook.com/ so far but they don't have any landscape books. All my images are 35mm shot landscape (no cropping) and I hate printing across the seem.

I'll probably end up with about 80-100 images (still in the process of selecting) which I would like to print one pic on each spread (does that mean 160-200 pages?).

I know this will be a costly venture but after the time I put into the series, I'm willing to spend to get something I really want to keep for my life.

Thanks for everyones help,