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    Mar 2011
    Williston, Vermont, USA

    Re: Photographyreview: The People

    Good catch! And nice works to all photographer here.

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    Jan 2012
    Des Moines, IA

    Re: Photographyreview: The People

    Matt Stanton

    Meaning of handle (if it's not obvious):
    In addition to getting into the rather expensive hobby of photography, I am also sinking too much money into Amateur Radio. My call sign is N0BOX, which doesn't seem to be taken on any forum sites!

    Des Moines, IA... the corniest place on the planet. Probably a bad place to be for photography, unless you find 'flat' pretty. I'm actually 'from' northeast Tennessee, so I have a hard time finding much beauty in the landscape here.

    Northeast Tennessee, near Bristol TN/VA

    I'm also "White as white can be", like the OP. Genetically, I am a fourth Irish and a fourth Hungarian, with the remaining half a swirl of other stuff. I guess I'm pretty much just generic American.

    I'm perfectly available to any beautiful single ladies!

    I was doing Graphic Design, in the form of Computer Illustration (Adobe Illustrator) for Vinyl Signage, Screen Printing, and Embroidery. Unfortunately, I had a car accident that has left me on disability or the time being.

    Religious affiliation (if any):
    I grew up Catholic, but I have studied many faiths and would describe myself as more of a Taoist than anything. I think limiting yourself to any one religion is silly when most of them teach us how to live peacefully with each other, so I try to take all the good I can learn about all religions in to account when making my own decisions.

    Other hobbies:
    Computer stuff of any sort (programming, server administration, gaming, etc), Amateur Radio

    How long I have been a photographer:
    I'm going to say for the past 2 months. Before that I would snap a picture of a friend or place for the sake of memory, but only for the past couple of months have I been paying attention to what it really takes to capture exactly what it is that an image means to me.

    First "real" camera:
    Sony Alpha NEX-5N

    How I found
    I was just looking for a "community", rather than a review site with a forum, and came across this site via Google.

    Favorite subjects:
    Sky, Mountains, Forest, Moon, and Pets.

    Current Gear:
    -- Cameras --
    Sony Alpha NEX-5N
    Minolta Maxxum 5000 AF
    -- Lenses --
    Sony SEL1855 (kit lens)
    Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.7
    Sigma 29-70mm AF Zoom for Minolta
    Pro 70-210mm AF Zoom for Minolta
    Fotasy 35mm f/1.7 CCTV lens
    -- Lens Adapters --
    Sony Alpha LA-EA2 A to E mount adapter
    Fotodoix MD-NEX adapter
    Fotasy C-NEX adapter

    What I am trying to accomplish with my photography:
    Really I am just "playing around" right now. I am having fun experimenting with lenses and adapters... manual and automatic settings... places, people, and things... Hopefully some day I'll have things worked out so that I know how to tell a definite story with an image, so that when a person sees it they know exactly what I was trying to point out.

    At the moment, I just haven't taken any pictures that are anything more than just experiments. Mostly pictures of my cat and things around the house.

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    Re: PhotoReview: The People

    Share your experience of taking wedding photos under rain..

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    Re: Photographyreview: The People

    it's perfect... like it

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    Re: Photographyreview: The People

    wow. Nice, very nice) good job!

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    Dec 2016

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