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    Co-Moderator, Photography as Art forum megan's Avatar
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    Photo NY 2004 & Joel Peter Witkin

    [Cross post from Photography as art]
    Hello all. I'm just wondering if anyone in the NYC area will be attending Photo NY 2004. For more information, go here:

    I just bought my tickets to the Joel Peter Witkin and Larry Fink lectures. I've been fascinated by JPW's images for years. Some of his work:
    The famous Nine Inch Nails video for closer either involved his work or was an homage to his work - I don't have my facts straight at the moment.

    I saw Larry Fink speak as a blooming photographer in high school when my HS photo teacher signed myself and several other of her more serious students up for a photography teacher's conference. We were the youngest looking photo teachers there . His work is in a more traditional, street/people photographer vein, but no less compelling.

    If anyone is attending, I'd be into meeting up - or even just discussing everything in the Photography as Art Forum.


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    Co-Moderator, Photography as Art forum megan's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Planet Megan - Astoria, NY

    PS this is the weekend BEFORE Photo Plus

    Photo NY 2004 is October 16 & 17.


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    You Get All The Great Exhibits!!!! No Fair!

    I have always loved Larry Fink's stuff, I have known about him since college.
    Joel Peter Witkin on the other hand, whom I have known since then too, I just never cared for, understood or what ever his work.
    To me, if his work is "art" I want nothing to do with it.
    Larry Fink is art!
    Thanks for sharring Megan!
    Please give us a full write up about these exhibits!
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