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    Sleep is optional Sebastian's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Chicago Suburbs

    One Model Place, any opinions?

    I am considering signing up, primarily for their model database. Having friends model is an exercise in frustration, the ones that are available are timid, and the ones that are hams are never around.

    If you have any experience with them, could you share it?
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    Huntington, WV
    Let me first qualify my comment by clarifying that I do live in an area that's not going to have quite the selection that Chicago will, but I have had nothing but terrible luck with OMP. Offering both paid and TFP shoots, I've had a very low response rate, and of those that even initially response, a very low percentage ever result in a shoot (less that 1%, I'd say). I'd say of the responses I receive, less than half go as far as scheduling a shoot, and most of those end up a "no show".

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    don't tase me, bro! Asylum Steve's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Middle Florida

    It's legit...


    OMP is a really good resource to use as long as you keep one thing in mind...

    ANYONE can join this site as a model or photographer, so the actual quality of the "talent" represented varies greatly. Truth is, it's basically a sea of mediocrity, with a small amount of really bad and a small amount of really good.

    The key to using the site is the search, then contacting prospective models in a professional manner and starting a dialogue to see if it leads to anything.

    The good news is listed models obviously are going to be receptive to, well, modeling. The bad news is many if not most may be wary of meeting and working with someone through the internet. If they're not, they should be...

    My only advice would be to try to strike that difficult balance of seeming very enthusiastic about your work, yet at the same time cool and professional. The best way to do that is have some shooting ideas already in mind, and instead of telling a model you think they look "hot" or you'd just "love" to photograph them, let them know you're working on some photo ideas that you think their "look" would be perfect for.

    Also, I've said this before, but when you're trying to get established as a shooter, it's best to find talent that's at roughly the same level as you, be it models or stylists. A large imbalance in the levels of talent usually means one will get impatient with the other, while a group at the same level will usually have a better level of energy and sense of fun when they work together.

    BTW, OMP is not a bad site to be listed as a photographer, either. The basic package is free. As soon as I get my web site in order, I'll probably join myself...
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    Senior Member racingpinarello's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Mountain View,CA

    It's okay

    You really have to weed out the wanna-be's but I have found some excellent make-up artist and model talent.

    They really reduce what you can do at the free level, but it's worth signing up.

    Loren Crannell
    LC Photography
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    don't tase me, bro! Asylum Steve's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Middle Florida

    This is about what I would expect...

    First of all, welcome to the site, back_packn...

    Your experience with OMP does not surprise me. Sounds about par for the course for these types of sites. Still, any response that leads to a shoot is better than none, eh?

    Finding models is absolutely a shotgun approach. You go through agencies, you constantly scout out in the "real world", you go through the grapevine of friends, relatives, or neighbors, and you check out online listing sites like OMP.

    It is a very inexact science. That's what makes it equally exciting and frustrating.

    Based on the numbers, I would never devote a large amount of my resources to sites like OMP. Still, even the chance that I might find someone with potential is enough to at least give it a try...

    And, yes, location will have a lot to do with your chances of success. In Chicago, it should much easier to find dependable people worth working with...
    "Riding along on a carousel...tryin' to catch up to you..."

    Studio & Lighting - Photography As Art Forum Moderator

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    Feb 2004
    ABQ, NM
    Hi Sebastion,

    I've thought the same thing but am not sure. Yes, it would be nice to work with a professional model. They know what looks good for them and basically pose themselves with little direction.

    Yet, I get great satisfaction working with people. I even survive some of the dumb comments people have made on my pictures (I was told in a critique my model's hair was too short). People showing up with wrinkled clothes, the close I told them not to where etc... Add this to how timid they can be because you are a friend, or if your doing nudes and their boyfriend is sitting in the room watching.

    In many ways working with a "regular" person is very tough. Besides what I said above, you need to be very discerning with your lighting. Making a picture of someone who has real bad skin that they can be proud of is tough. IMO, in these cases photoshop alone doesn't cut it. Then there's dealing with weight issues etc.

    Conversely, I don't think I could have taken a bad picture of the girl I recently posted in the studio and lighting forum. She's thin and her skin is so perfect that it appears almost un-natural. With a hard light directly on her face it still looks like porcelain.

    Of course I have some ideas that I'm waiting for the perfect person who is willing to do them to come along. My girlfriend even suggested I hire a model....

    I probably didn't help here, but these are my thoughts!


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    nature/wildlife co-moderator paulnj's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    hillsborough NJ, USA
    i'm blunt!

    dude when i worked at the lab/studio/ camera store we got 2 girls from there. one was a flat fee of $300(nice looking, awesome makeup and posed like a seasoned pro), the other was a smoking hot 19 year old with no shame about her body(she was TFP) who with guidance was well on her way to becoming a MODEL

    sure most were leary or flakey, but 2 out of 15-20 isn't bad odds


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    Senior Member Charles Hess's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    I pretty much echo what others have said. I've had a number of model wannabes contact me ... some have worked out very well, others were no-shows, flakes, and, well, just wannabes. I've contacted some models whose looks interested me...same thing, had some great shoots, and had some who never responded. I keep a very small portfolio on the site and have had good response. as long as you don't rely on OMP as your only source, you'll be OK

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