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Thread: ok, I did it...

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    Jan 2004

    ok, I did it...

    Although I am not a prolific poster here on the boards, I visit every day to see what's going on. I really appreciate the community and the various opinions, ideas and suggestions brought to the 'table', and in fact have come to depend on this site as a wonderful resource in my photgraphic life.

    So...the blame for my current lack of money and life falls partly on your shoulders, hehehe.

    I bought a D70 a couple of days ago...think about, a confirmed film shooter, buying digital. It's like I went schitzoid, or something...I don't know what possesed me, but something did because now I own a machine that seems so incredibly foriegn to me that I am not sure where to even begin. I am a manual reader, to be sure, but even that seems foreign at this point. Anyone care to share any tips on the digital learning curve issue?

    I appreciate any advice.


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    Just take pictures. Once you run into something that has you stumped, bust out the manual or ask here.

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    Curve is not that steep

    The curve is not that steep. You will be getting very good images in a relative short time, if you were proficient with you film SLR the DSLR will seem very natural to you. As you may know I too just purchased the D70 after a lifetime of film and a brief interlude with a Fuji S602Z. I was just like you a lurker here at PR and learned a lot over a couple of years before making the leap to a contributor. I hope that you will do the same and share some of your D70 images. We look forward to new blood and different styles. I am planning my first major trip with the D70 next week. We are headed to Texas to visit my son and I hope to give the D70 a real work out on some new scenery. Looking forward to your future post.


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    I Agree With Seb

    Quote Originally Posted by Sebastian
    Just take pictures. Once you run into something that has you stumped, bust out the manual or ask here.

    When I got my N80, I read "basic operation" to get me started, and I went from there. Anytime I had a question, or wanted to do something I didn't know how to do, I dug out the manual. I know that camera like the back of my hand now, but I still carry the manual in my camera backpack - just in case.

    If you shot Nikon film camera's, then the transition should be fairly easy. If you're coming from another system, then learning the new buttons (symbols, locations) will take a little getting used to.

    Turn it on, take some photo's and let the learning begin!
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    You Go Joe!

    Excellent Choice Joe!
    From one Nikon user to another!
    Just make sure you post some photos here and on the Critique Forum!
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    If you're shooting Nikon film SLR's, then getting up and running should be pretty quick and painless. With digital, expose carefully - shoot it like slide film. Any questions or images you want to post, feel free.

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    ...just believe natatbeach's Avatar
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    woo hoo for you

    set it on auto and go take some shots---after general trepidation has subsided when you see what a wonderful(nad relatively harmless) toy it is---BUST OUT the manual and join us(me ) in the land of the lost!!!

    That's why this site is great whether dazed and confused or professional and proficient...there's a spot for you...

    look forward to seeing your postings
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    I went from a nikon f100 to a CANON 1D...... learned canon and digital basics in one day ;)

    get a 512 card and go nuts


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